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Good Morning!!

For a change, I decided to say Good Morning to the world when the sun rises. . [Lets see for how long this drastic schedule change lasts!!]

After half an hr of clicking from the Bharti Building’s balcony. . here goes..

[note : all pics untouched by software!!]

Continuing the moon obsession .. And I think this one has come out better with the lunar features [The ones on yest’s pic were more clouds actually 😉 ]

Chaand pe Daag

Chaand pe Daag

There goes my moon .. Though I cant see the sun from here :-/

Moon sets behind the mighty Bharti Building

Moon sets behind the mighty Bharti Building

What do I do now that the moon is gone? Umm. .Try silhouette photography. . Yes!

What about combining silhouette with reflection? 😀


Well. . thats not really gr8. . the window glass is too dirty and distracts 😦

Let me try normal silhouettes for basics


Okay. . I dint think that was bad given that I’m trying this for the first time. . And for folks who are going to go on and on about the way my hair is all over the place. . Have a field day . .I cant help it! x-(

A last try at this.. Sigh!! How I wish I had a bakra to pose for me. . Would have been much easier to compose the shot  :-/

silh3Now thats it junta. . My half hr slot over. . Me better get back to the layout stuff.

Dont forget to leave comments. . I really need feedback for these expts 🙂