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Yes.. It still lives..

… my Moon obsession!
How could I ignore what is supposedly the brightest, biggest full moon of the year??

So. .Here goes..

Do the branches add to the beauty?

They most certainly do!

If you prefer color..

Nothing better than a full moon on a calm cloudless(@least not covering the princess!) night to boost moods & spirits! 🙂

Err. . Was I a werewolf by any chance in my previous-previous-previous birth??


The obsession continues..

Is it too abnormal to have an extreme obsession for watching the moon? To the extent of just wanting to stay awake only during the nights so that I can watch the moon travel the sky each night? To keep walking looking at the moon throughout the distance from the department to the hostel? To get carried away by the beauty of the moon and take extra walks in the opposite direction just to watch it longer? To contemplate visiting the nescafe simply because the moon as the backdrop of the main building’s hull structure is a treat to the eyes? To stop working and get the camera ready to shoot the moon as soon as a friend notes that its looking extra beautiful 2night?

Am I addicted??

A vanishing beauty

A vanishing beauty

Though it hasnt come out too well, 2night’s photoshoot – courtesy : Andronicus

Mission “Good Morning” ..


The highly unsuccessful experiment was ended and the time-tested “Good Afternoon” routine resumed. The decision was attributed to the undesirable side-effects of the experiment which included excessive drowsiness, loss of peak productive hours to sleep and need to walk in the sun an unaccustomed number of times. However, the last few hours of the experiment resulted in higher photographic activity, which is likely to be missed with the mission being aborted.


The last product of the short-lived experiment

The last product of the short-lived experiment