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The Charm of “History – Unknown”

If its one thing to visit well known historic sites and know about the people and events behind it, its another to visit an obscure site with ancient ruins, whose history nobody knows about!

Is that a mughal-day gurkha post??

Can not decide - Does Sepia really suit the historical mood?

History behind Bars!! 😛

It is particularly funny when these buildings are right amidst the busy city, in fact, scattered among modern buildings. I am talking about my first outing on my bicycle. . To the unnamed ancient structures nearest to IITD.

Nothing too special about them except their age – which too I guess, is unknown, for the ASI hasnt cared to put up a board or anything notifying it. These seem to be parts of some ancient fort or complex (possibly the Hauz Khas Tank or Siri Fort) which have stood the test of time and civilization when their neighbours have been razed down to make place for roads and apartments. No carvings, no exquisite domes, no astounding heights – nothing really interesting enough for a tourist in the conventional sense. BUT..

Being there gives a feeling of having an intimate chat with the past! No sexy-sleek-camera toting tourists interested in proving to the world that they had “been there and done it” by getting pictures of themselves clicked at the “right” spots with the “right” structures for backdrop!

With just a few birds for company (and a dog who objected to my company!), I probably painted the picture of a complete crazy-nerd with my adventure-gear (camera, tripod, ipod, huge water bottle, bag equipped with apples, sweets, thepla and Indira Gandhi’s political bio!) to amused on-lookers. But who says a crazy-nerd cannot have fun? 😉

Here are the pictures of history well taken care of, but not really cared for!

Looks there there IS Life among the ruins!

There definitely is Love among these ruins 🙂

Why does the ray of morning sunlight seem to be a ray of hope to me?

Back at the hub of modern day technology (IITD 😉 ), my first successful attempt at capturing fellow-inmates!

Here is another IITian lost in thought!!

P.S : Women ask for directions! But Delhi men either say “I dont kno” or give wrong directions!! 😛