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World Peace & IITD

Question #1 :

What does IITD Mess call a shiny small WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) that, when thrown at a person, can cause fatal damage, bounce off & hit another person & keep bouncing & hitting ppl?

Answer : Idli

Question #2 :

What do IITD students do to prevent a possible threat to World Peace from the indiscriminate use of these Idli-WMDs?

Answer : Eat them! Yes. .these selfless souls set aside their taste-buds’ already minimal preferences and ingest these positively inedible objects! That is the only way out!!! [I am touched 😥 😥 😥 ]

Philosophy : Both the threat and the action against the threat happen in the same room. . Wow!


I’m surprised…

.. as to how this undeniably boring, even frustrating, BP-raising task can become amusing!

I am talking about every TA’s nightmare : Exam paper Evaluation!

But such answers really flatten my boredom/frustration curve..

“The answer probably 🙂 is 32.”

That after 1.5 pages of deriving the “answer”! And the smiley was there too!!

A similar one .. without the probability brought in though. .

“The latency is 21.

Or it could be 23.”

A page full of some answer scratched/scribbled/doodled on with perfected hatred..

Some seemingly legible writing striked out ever so lightly… Followed by this..

“The correct answer is the first, striked out one. Sorry”

Though not an answer, a very sweet note

“Sorry for the sorry state of the paper 🙂 “

Most curious one..

On a blank page. .

“Look next page please”


Another blank page..

“Look next page please”


“Look next page please”


Keep flipping…

Nothing! Zilch!

If the intention was to provide some entertainment to the evaluator.. Thank you! 😉