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An experiment with the way I spend time..

Well. . Its been looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong since this blog was inaugurated. . and zilch activity after Day 0 :-/

I guess its only fair to give myself and this blog a second chance @ decent activity (note : i said “decent activity” and not “decent content”!!)

A friend recently brought it to my notice that I may not have a decent hobby. . well .. I do claim 2 have a few. . the problem being that they are hardly pursued with any measure of regularity.

So here I am. . In the midst of frustrating work (ok. .it turns exciting when it ends well finally. . now dont argue that research can only be frustrating), taking time out to set myself into some “healthy” activity other than my usual “extra-curricular activities” (sleeping, reading – books, news and arbit blogs).

I hereby pledge that I will create some (possibly dumb) thing EVERY DAY and post it on this blog – mostly photos (u got it right.. I do intend to flaunt my shots 😉 ). . and sometimes “profound” thoughts (stop laughing!!).. ummm.. whatever comes 2 my mind . No expectations for the posts to be appreciated or even viewed by even a single living soul on earth (ghosts and martians are surely going to be regular readers though).

Today’s quota :

I not only clicked a nice (I like it) pic of a lovely moon, but even put together a neat collage of it and a few other pics I’v clicked over a couple of years.

Random pics with 2night's moon

Random pics with 2night's moon

NOTE : Comments, criticism, and even appreciation of any kind are very much welcome.


[Now. .Who the hell is giving missed calls on the lab landline @ 5.30 in d morning?? x-( ]