a pseudo-photoblog


Fallen Yet Attached

Over time..

One lets go..

.. of some people

.. of some habits

.. of some things

.. of some obsessions


In reflection..

One is still vaguely attached to the old branchlet

Currents take us to another branchlet

And yet another, further away


Till decay


Story of a PhD

My PhD in book titles…

7 book titles & a cartoon face = summary of a PhD

7 book titles & a cartoon face = summary of a PhD

From top to bottom :

  • Freakish economics
  • At times : eating, being droopy faced from over-eating, but loving it
  • Born Free – to be as eccentric as you wish
  • Becoming a delhi walla. . esply wrt food
  • No explanation needed – the book title says it all
  • Your life seems like a great golden sacrifice.. with as many side-tracks & masala stories as the Mahabharata
  • At the end of it all, the whole thing feels worthy of being labeled ‘history’ & penning it down!

Doors & Geometry

Plain rectangle




of Sand..

on Sand..


just a wee bit less volatile than those of water .. aren’t they?



of Sand, .. of Water.

of Sand, .. of Water.

of Sand, .. of Water.



of Rails, .. of Road.

of Rails, .. of Road.



of Bricks, .. of Stones.

of Bricks, .. of Stones.

All leading the eyes along
to their invisible ends.

Surreal Dots

.. of water and color

.. bottled

Arrested in Glass

Lost color to gain Mystery

They do appear more surreal & ethereal when you are lost – about converting VHDL to BLIF!

Wet Zebra & Dotted Slippers

Morning drizzle = Inspiration

Inspiration + Mundane objects in hand (and on feet) = Eccentric Creativity

Eccentric Creativity + Camera = Abstract beauty

Abstract beauty + Urge to show off = Blog post

Wet Zebra

Dotted Slippers join the Wet Zebra

Relaxing in the Rain