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Story of a PhD

My PhD in book titles…

7 book titles & a cartoon face = summary of a PhD

7 book titles & a cartoon face = summary of a PhD

From top to bottom :

  • Freakish economics
  • At times : eating, being droopy faced from over-eating, but loving it
  • Born Free – to be as eccentric as you wish
  • Becoming a delhi walla. . esply wrt food
  • No explanation needed – the book title says it all
  • Your life seems like a great golden sacrifice.. with as many side-tracks & masala stories as the Mahabharata
  • At the end of it all, the whole thing feels worthy of being labeled ‘history’ & penning it down!

Age Misconception – Mystery solved

Why do people keep classifying me as juvenile?
Question asked this morning (here).

Answered this evening (below).

Venue : Park Baluchi, Deer Park, Hauz Khas Village
People : Miss.Dada – the senior citizen, 2 silver jubilee citizens (of which one looks malnourished – has always), Miss.Juvenile-now-Juvenile-forever, Waiter

Miss.Dada : [leaves the table to attend a phone call => No clearly non-juvenile looking character at the table]
SilverJub1 : 1 Mojito please
Waiter : That is a cocktail Ma’m, contains alcohol.
SilverJub1 : Yes, I know.
Miss.Juv : [retardish grin]
Waiter : Sorry Ma’m, what’s your age?
SilverJub1 : 25.
Miss.Juv : [giggles loudly]
(by now suspicious) Waiter : Do you have some age-proof ID Ma’m?
Miss.Juv : [giggling even louder, pulls out SilverJub1’s institute ID-card]
SilverJub1 : But the age is not on this thing.
Miss.Juv : [giggling loudest]
(by now super-suspicious) Waiter : [gives curt stares]
SilverJub1 : Ah, here’s the driving license. As you see, I turn 25 just today.
Waiter : Thanks. Mojito then. [leaves]
Miss.Juv : [Uncontrollable giggling]
SilverJub1 & 2 : Stop giggling now.
Miss.Juv : But Akka, this is so funny. Why are they refusing to give us chicken?


Case rested. Age-related confusions are neither my mistake nor the other party’s mistakes. It’s the company I keep! 😐

PhD & Hard work

What do you think getting a Dr. prefix to your name  without seeing human/animal anatomy involves?

All you (yes, you), who go around saying PhD involves getting paid (whatever ‘little’ amount) for staring at ceilings, walls, computer screens and whiteboards..

Please do realize that the title comes after enough hard work – of great variety – some of them physical, even menial.

For instance, a PhD just might involve you rolling up your pants, getting down on to your knees, and mopping water off the lab floor at 1:30am – after a stupid leaking air-conditioner decides to remind you how a swimming pool (minus the blue color tiles) looks like, considering the fact that you have this habit of spending all your waking hours inside this rectangular room called lab which incidentally lacks a swimming pool.

Then washing your hands like a maniac – thrice with green gooey super-dilute soap solution that the department restroom stocks & twice with deep pore cleansing facial cleanser (for oily skin, of course) that costs just a little more than Rs300 for 295ml!

And still feeling like you just might have contracted AIDS or Swine Flu from touching the competitively filthy mopping cloth & bucket!!

I know for a fact that mine does involve such stuff. Proof witnessed (for the 2nd time, if you care about reproducable evidence) not more than 20mins ago.

So, stay warned. You might not think of such romantic nights when you sign up for that PhD programme.

And if you had witnessed anything more menial than this, please do let the author know – just for the sake of her not feeling too lonely or unique.

Pops (corn), Eats, Shoots & Leaves

Why is it that only when you have a paper to submit you get all interested in revamping your web-page, reading von Neumann, reading about Buddhist meditation, exploring conference management systems, photographing popcorn etc etc etc? :-/

Good life

A peaceful, lonely night at lab..

An early gourmet breakfast of parmesan rich pasta salad..

A strong cup of kenyan filter coffee..

A pair of headphones that does justice to the thumps and layers of Rahman’s & Raja’s music..

A much-deserved break from answering ridiculous folks’ atrocious questions..

A quite intriguing problem to work on..

What more could one want from life?

Other than a personal fully automatic washing machine!