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Pradeep (possibly the first/only person who says he follows my blog πŸ˜‰ ) had tagged me to do a “Brands” post loooooooooooooooooooooooooong back!! I should apologize for the Indian-Railways kind of delay in the post arriving. . I was not really in the mood to blog about anything in the past few weeks.

So, here goes. . What “Brands” does my mind see the moment I think of the word? Lets see..

  1. Dove : Though I have known of the supposedly special soaps from Dove for years, its only in the past year or so that I have really turned to use Dove products. I should confess that I AM developing a loyalty towards the brand πŸ˜‰
  2. Uniball : Crazy-expensive, not-really-practical but colorful pens! Dont know why I am crazy about them. . I just cant fight the urge to buy a color I do not have the moment I spot one, even if I have just enough money to buy it! πŸ˜›
  3. Fab India : While I am not really the brand-person when it comes to clothes, this has become kind of a constant source of what goes into my ward-robe these days.
  4. Indian Airlines & BSNL : I am this unreasonable public-sector-services freak. Though most people only have complaints to talk about these giants, I have always loved them. Missing BSNL especially!
  5. Nestle : The brand I loved and trusted as a child! We used to go to this Nestle warehouse sort of place of a friend, where all the products used to be stored before it went to their shop. Fighting with mom for chocolates, maggi, kulfi-mix etc etc etc was real exciting. πŸ™‚
  6. Gandhi : Not really a product, but the clan is definitely a brand – not just in India, but world-wide! Indira-to-Sonia, Sanjay-to-Rahul, these people – with their “leadership”, intelligence and the lack of it, prudence and the lack of it, honesty and the lack of it, have made India & Indian politics damn interesting. Especially Indira. . Love this “Only man in her cabinet” for all her perfections & imperfections!

However hard I think, I cant think of any other brand that pops-up impromptu in my mind. . I mean, without looking around or thinking of things I currently own. So, I wrap up here.

I guess tags are supposed to be passed on.. For lack of friends who would do any tag, leave alone this one, I tag Pradeep to do a photo-post on whatever seems inspiring (was about to say “on some historic site nearby”, but I guess its not fair) and given there is a 50-50 chance(may be lower, but there IS a chance!) of them doing it, I tag Balaji, Arun, Lavanya and Andy to do the same.


2 responses

  1. Sorry I have been away from internet for the past few days.
    Nice list of brands. But– Indian Airlines, BSNL, Gandhi…hmmm I hope you grew up in some government quarters….
    Photo-post :-|….Enakkum camerakkum romba dhooram….Anyhow will surely try….

    December 15, 2009 at 4:30 pm

  2. @pradeep :
    Lol. . “govt quarters”. .Not at all. . I really dont kno y I am a hopeless public sector fan tho πŸ™‚
    Photo-post : Not a big deal really.. You could even click a few pictures of ur table @ work or ur room @ home and wind a story around it. Hope you do it πŸ™‚

    December 15, 2009 at 5:30 pm

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