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RR #1

Legend : RR = “Raji’s Ramblings”

Category : “Philosophies of Life” (Self-proclaimed)

Type : Often long and Decidedly Boring for Anyone but me

Warning : Stop reading if you are not in the mood for philosophical stuff!

(This is a non-photography post . . a rare one by the way I am functioning these days!)

Its simply AMAZING. . When, after quite a number of gloomy days of trying to come to terms with reality, feeling blue and angry-cum-irritated with the way some ppl tr8 u or behave in general… days when even getting ur first paper accepted did not seem too energizing.. you suddenly feel full of life, enthusiasm and happiness for no particular reason (in spite of being in physical pain) 🙂




Accepting the reality of life with respect to what is happening with your life is an obvious first step. In fact, it happens whether or not you put conscious efforts towards it. . Just that it happens a wee bit sooner if you do 🙂

The other part. .the “people around you” part, is a different ball game altogether. Human relationships can be astonishingly simple or ridiculously complex. While a few people vibe too well with you right from Day 1, a few other people just dont seem to be made of compatible material! And there are people who oscillate between these categories as well. Somehow, irrespective of the many people whom you are so happy to have in your life, the handful who manage to irritate you leave you grumbling regularly. I know. .its completely unfair towards the former group. .but thats the way it is!

Even as you learn to accept people as they are and love them, there are always people who never seem to fall short of ways to irritate you. There are a few who never try to understand you and worse, never even realize that they are hurting you. However, they never fail to expect too much from you and complain whatever you do! Whether you see them every day or meet them only once in a while, the effect they have on your blood pressure and peace of mind is the same.

On analysis, I propose the following theory :

Just stop wondering why they behave or think the way they do, what can be done to change the dynamics of the relationship, and whether they would change at all! They are probably not going to change, and its no use changing yourself and feeling that all your efforts have been wasted. Even ceasing to love them is ok. .but do not start hating them. Be happy you have all those nice people and that life is going the way it is. 🙂

To put it slightly shorter..

Get involved with the people and things that make you feel nice. . And with the others, as they say it, be “thaamirai ilai mel neer pol”. . for the urban kind. .like water on plastic 😉


[Yes. . I keep trying to find the “most stupidest” of ways to insert my photography into the most unlikely of contexts 😀 ]


Raji 🙂


2 responses

  1. lav

    We, NICE people around you, order you to only think about us.. no more anger.. no more irritation.

    [p.s.. not many will put me in the category of nice and so i am doing it myself for you]

    October 4, 2009 at 6:26 am

    • @lav :
      will follow ur orders ma’m!
      and thanks for making d categorization job easy for me 😉

      October 4, 2009 at 6:27 am

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